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Wardrobes & Storage

Walk-ins, Built-ins & Storage

Want to simplify your life while cost-effectively increasing your property value? Enhancing your wardrobe and storage could be a simple solution. 

Wardrobes shouldn’t just be a place to store all your clothes but an extension of your bedroom. Our team can provide custom wardrobe designs that work with your personal space and needs. So whether we fit a wardrobe with lots of shelving or shoe racks, our team can provide you with a space that works for you and your lifestyle. 

We can help increase your storage and wardrobe space, whether you have a large walk-in wardrobe or an empty area in your home that you want to get the most out of.  

Our team can help with custom design, renovation and wardrobe installation for your home or commercial space.


Every homeowner wants ample wardrobe space for all their belongings, making it an essential feature of any home’s value. Our team offers wardrobe renovations Melbourne wide to help you create a modern wardrobe that perfectly suits your lifestyle. 
Whether this space is large or small, we can help redesign your closet and provide efficient storage while adding value to your home. Our team of professional handymen in Melbourne can provide you with complete flat pack wardrobe assembly and installation and custom-made wardrobes within your renovation to suit your needs.


For simple wardrobe upgrades, pre-manufactured solutions can provide an affordable option for many homeowners that can truly change the appearance of your room. Our experienced team can easily handle the details of your flat pack wardrobe assembly and installation to ensure that you get the professional finish you want without the stress often associated with flat packs. This will mean no wonky shelves or rails that break with one winter coat hanging.

Custom Wardrobes

If you have an extensive shoe collection or need lots of space, our team can provide custom wardrobes Melbourne homeowners need. Our custom-made wardrobes designed and built by our team of cabinet makers can give your home a unique storage solution that will provide you with functional space for years to come. Custom-made wardrobes add value to your home and ensure you have the organisational tools to fit your unique lifestyle. 

Handyman of Melbourne has a team of skilled professionals who can provide renovation services to give you a beautiful and functional wardrobe space.