Doors, Windows & Locks

Every building from home or commercial spaces needs protection, both from the effects of weather and from unwelcome intruders and strangers. 

Handyman of Melbourne will help ensure the safety and privacy of your business and family with a range of home maintenance services Melbourne wide. 


Professional door hanging for interior and exterior spaces ensure proper spacing in your building. This, in turn, provides ease of use, security and the prevention of draughts in your home, which can cause a spike in your bills.  

We also provide door repairs to quickly resolve issues that can put your home at potential safety risks. 

Door issues can happen anytime, with even the slightest problems leading to a lowered sense of protection. These problematic doors aren’t only annoying but can increase your vulnerability when thinking about your building’s security. So don’t wait too long and risk exposing your home to security threats. Our team can fix anything from creaking hinges or holes in doors to faulty roller and sliding doors.


Whether you want to upgrade your windows, have damage that needs fixing or are dealing with the result of an accident, our professional window installation and window repair service can help. Our window services will ensure that your home is protected from the various weather conditions experienced by Melbourians. Window repairs and upgrades can also contribute to your home’s energy efficiency and keep those bills at a low cost. 


Protect your home or office with a professional lock installation. Our handyman services, Melbourne wide, including lock replacement and installation, give you peace of mind and provide security. Lock installation can be provided independently or with other services like our door hanging services. 

Our team can also fix any problematic locks that may be getting stuck or misaligned and remove any locks that you feel aren’t up to scratch or functioning as efficiently as possible. Our team can even help remove any keys or objects stuck in your doors. 

 To secure your home and commercial spaces, our professional team is always on hand to deliver high-quality workmanship to ensure your safety from security threats and the elements. Get in touch with us today for a free quote and a stress-free maintenance process.