Plastering & Painting

Home renovations almost always involve both plastering and painting. A well-plastered wall or ceiling will be stronger, last longer, and provide an excellent foundation for your chosen wall design and texture.

We can build walls from scratch to divide a space, or knock down existing walls, add or reposition doors, to open up areas of your home. 

These are tasks for the professional – both because they involve  exposure to live electrical wires, ladders and wet materials, and so you can be sure that no mess or floor damage is left behind, when the job is complete. We always keep your home tidy and your furniture covered, or moved where necessary. 

A quality paint job gives the final finish, allowing you to add your own unique signature to your home. When you take the time to choose the right colours, textures and grades of paint, you will be delighted with the transformation. You will find yourself simply loving the “new rooms” you’ve created.