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Fencing & Gate Repair

Your fence does more than simply mark the borders of your property, it also provides an element of protection and privacy for your home and family. Properly maintained, fences and gates enhance the look and value of your home while providing a safe place for your family to enjoy the outdoors. We can assist with small and large timber fencing repairs, gate repairs, as well as new timber fencing installation and gate installation to ensure that your home and garden are protected from trespassers while small children and pets are safely kept inside the borders of your property.

In addition to our expertise in timber fencing repair and installation, The Handyman of Melbourne can also install new Colorbond fencing for a sleek alternative to traditional timber.

How We Can Help

Learn more about the comprehensive fence and gate services provided by our experienced team of property maintenance experts:

  • Fence Repair – Maintain your property’s privacy and security when you resolve fence and gate issues quickly. The Handyman of Melbourne provides a range of timber fencing repair and gate repair services to ensure that deteriorated posts and panels are replaced with quality pieces that reinforce the integrity of your fence or gate.

  • Fencing Installation – We have a team of property maintenance experts that can quickly and efficiently install new Colorbond fencing as well as provide new timber fencing installation and gate installation. Increase your property value while protecting your assets and maintaining your privacy with a new fence.

We’re Ready to Assist

To discuss your property maintenance requirements and receive a quote from our knowledgeable team of experts, get in touch with directly. Our team is ready to assist you in any fencing repair or installation project, large or small.

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