Timber Decking & Pergolas

As Australian families grow and change, an outdoor living space often makes a welcome addition to their home. Indeed, an outdoor timber decking or pergola can completely transform your home life, providing an open-air entertaining and recreation space that makes the most of our temperate, sunny climate.

Perhaps your existing deck or pergola is looking a little worse for wear or doesn’t quite meet your needs anymore. Handyman of Melbourne offers maintenance and repair of timber decking Melbourne-wide. Our team of professional carpenters can restore, repair and replace broken or damaged boards, put a new stain or protective coating on the decking, and add planter boxes and other features to give your outdoor space a vibrant second life.

What Timber Decking Maintenance Can Do for You

Timber decking is a beautiful and practical addition to almost any home, with an outdoor area large enough to accommodate it. This is especially true for a city like Melbourne, where the temperate, oceanic climate and abundance of sunshine make it possible to enjoy al-fresco activities for at least half the year. An outdoor decking or pergola can offer several lifestyle benefits and significantly add to the value of your home.

However, this is only true if the timber is maintained correctly. A faded, warped, or splintered decking can be an eyesore and a real safety hazard. As a natural material, wood is more susceptible to damage from the elements than steel and other man-made materials and will deteriorate over time if not cared for.

With regular maintenance, you can avoid this kind of damage. Cleaning, sealing, and re-staining your decking periodically is a sure way to keep it in top condition, extending its lifespan and ensuring it remains a highlight of your home for many years to come. Alternatively, Composite Timber Decking is a brilliant idea if you want to avoid regular maintenance. Composite timber decking does not require any upkeep and can look just as vibrant and beautiful as some hardwood options. 

Our Services

Whether you opt for simple repairs, a practical addition, or a major extension to create a luxurious outdoor space to enjoy all year round, you can rely on our skilled handy people to do a top-notch job. With our years of experience and commitment to high-quality craftsmanship, you will have a beautiful, weather-resistant setting that perfectly complements your existing natural space and provides you with years of outdoor fun for the whole family.

We can…

• Replace broken or damaged boards

• Reinforce support beams

• Clean, re-stain, and seal timber

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From surface sealing to structural support, we offer handyman services Melbourne homeowners have come to rely on for all their outdoor timber maintenance and repair needs. Get in touch today.