Picture & Mirror Hanging

Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for help with hanging pictures and mirrors. Sure, it might be a simple task in theory. But a lot goes into achieving a professional, aesthetically pleasing effect that gives justice to the artwork or mirror you’ve chosen. Getting it right can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with oversized objects, high walls, or several pieces requiring measured spacing. We perform expert mirror and picture hanging Melbourne-wide, so you never have to settle for a poorly hung frame.  

Achieve a Clean, Professional Look

If you’ve gone to the trouble of selecting pieces to hang in your home or commercial space, you want people to look at them closely. Frames that are unevenly spaced, hung at odd angles, or placed at awkward heights will grab people’s attention for all the wrong reasons. An amateurish hanging job undermines the aesthetic appeal you were hoping to achieve in the first place. When we get it right for you, the whole space is transformed!

Don’t Risk a Fall

Another issue is safety – both for your valuable wall hangings and the people moving through the spaces they occupy. Large artworks and mirrors are often incredibly heavy, and securing them firmly to your walls can be challenging. If an antique mirror or glass-framed print falls from even a metre or so off the ground, there is little chance of it surviving. Aside from losing your prized accent piece, you could end up with glass shards all over the floor.

Protect Your Walls

Those heavy pieces can also cause severe damage to your walls, regardless of whether they’re made from soft plaster or tough brick. Using a professional who has the proper tools, knowledge, and experience means you can hang your frames on any surface, from plaster to brick, without worrying that it will all come crashing down and leave unsightly holes.

Our team comes with experience and the right tools to help you create the perfect look in your home or commercial space. We take extra care with every item we handle, large or small, and listen carefully to your instructions to ensure the final result matches your vision, right down to the finest detail.

Our Hanging Services

No matter the size of your project, we’re here to make the process easy and stress-free.

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